Airdrop word 100.000$ for the first 5.000 participants, and 7.500$ for top 10 referral program

Airdrop word 100.000$ in smGOLD for the first 5.000 participants.
we will share the total 100.000$ of smGOLD for 5,000 participants who fulfill the requirements and complete all the tasks.  all participants will get 20 $ and 100 $ random for one selected participant. for referrals program we will distribute 7,500 $ for the top 10 referrals.
top 1. 2000 $
2. 1500 $
3. 1000 $
4. 800 $
5. 600 $
6. 400 $
7. 350 $
8. 300 $
9. 250 $
10. 200 $.
and 100 $ random for one selected participant who complete the task.

we will be disqualified if there are participants who commit fraud. Airdrop starts on june 15 until August 25. Airdrop distribution in August 2020.


We create technology that is very sophisticated and profitable for everyone, with technologies we make such as Smart Gold Block, Smart Gold Pay, Smart Gold Shop, Smart Gold Coin, Smart Gold App, and Smart Gold Mining that are easily accessible for all, lower class, middle class, and high class.

What We Do

We work every day to expand the Smart Gold Pay Chain offering, from new cellphone wallets to community exchanges and frameworks. smGOLD is just the beginning of everything in the future. The whole basis of the Smart GOLD Pay Chain is based on community adoption, growth and inclusion. Everyone is a member of the Smart GOLD Pay Chain collaboration.

Our Mission

Smart Gold Pay Chain will also hold a buy back program. The buy back program aims to reduce the amount of supply and stabilize prices. so that later on 1 smGOLD can reach 1 gram of real gold, We are targeting 1smGOLD : 1gram real gold. Besides buying at the exchanger, smGOLD can only be mined.


Investment program COMINGSOON